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Day Trips

Exciting Day Trips for Novice and Experienced Hikers

Become one with nature by going on one of our summit hikes. DC Trail Guides offers mountain tours that travelers can complete within a day. By hiking with us, you'll be able to explore different mountain areas and see Mother Nature from a different angle. Learn more about our mountain tours below. Keep in mind that all of our day tours have an overnight option as well.

Summit of Mount Thielsen

Mount Thielsen Summer Summit

If you're looking to challenge yourself while hiking, our Mount Thielsen Summer Summit trip is for you. The trail is 4.5 miles (9 miles round-trip) and takes 7 hours to complete. While it is a strenuous hike, you'll love the adventure. You'll get to climb the trail and mountain using the best climbing gear (provided by us) to complete the last 80-foot approach to the summit. Plus, we will take a 5- to 10-minute break at The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) to rest and for a photo op.

Once you reach the highest point of Douglas County, Oregon, you can take in many stunning views. On a good day, you'll be able to see Mounts St. Helens, Hood, and Shasta. Crater Lake National Park, all of Crater Lake, and more will also be viewable. However, on windy days where the views aren't so clear, you may not see as much. But there will be several photo opportunities on the summit! There will be a register box at the summit for you to put your name in if you're journaling.

Important Notes
Please remember that you are required to bring many beverages to stay hydrated, as you'll receive a lot of exposure near the top of the peak.

Mount McLoughlin

One of the highest points in Southern Oregon is Mount McLoughlin in Jackson County. We offer a fun, moderate hike that explores the trail that leads to the top of this large mountain. The path to reach this 9,495-foot summit is 8.4 miles long (roughly 10 miles round trip).

At the top, you'll enjoy views of Mounts Hood and Shasta, as well as the rim of Crater Lake. These sights will be fantastic photo ops for you.

Important Notes
We want you to get to and from the trail safely. For this reason, a shuttle will transport you from Roseburg to the trailhead.

Mount Bailey

Enjoy a hike with your whole family by signing up for our Mount Bailey trip. This mountain tour isn't as intense as the Mount Thielsen Summer Summit trip. It also doesn't have the exposure.

The trail for this hike is 9 miles long and takes 7 hours to complete. Our trip is kid-friendly, as our owner's 9-year-old son was able to make it to the summit easily. Please keep in mind that the hike requires a lot of walking, so children ages 2 and 3 may find it uncomfortable. We encourage parents of babies and toddlers to use carriers to make traveling with their kids easier.

Once you've arrived at the peak (a high point in Douglas County), you'll get to see all types of interesting attractions, including Diamond Lake. The lake also has a resort nearby that will have rooms for rent. Contact us for the rental prices.

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